With lockdown three biting hard and parents returning to teaching their children from home Mark Cheverton Redgate’s CTO (Chief Technology Officer) wrote a blog post asking technology leaders to evaluate their approach on hardware refreshes to support children learning from home. A few months on, I wanted to give an update on how Redgate’s IT (Information Technology) department has risen to the challenge.

Redgate policy is to refresh employee computer equipment once every three to four years. With a company the size of Redgate this means that we are updating around 70 pieces of computer equipment per year. This is…

CORE is a function within Redgate’s engineering team of around 45 people. We’re a mixture of development and operational teams whose role is to manage the critical infrastructure to keep Redgate functioning. CORE’s structure and the way the CORE teams work changed as we moved into 2021. Since then, we have started a reteaming process and the restructure is well on its way.

This is the first time CORE has tried an exercise like this (and doing it while working remotely has been another first!), and the CORE teams have been static in their structure for many years. …

Damon Witherick

Head of IT at Redgate Software

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